The violence inherent in the system


All day long, the dogs have been giving us sad faces. They only get treats twice a day, instead of 20. And 30 minute walks, instead of 90. And we only play with them 2 hours a day, not 24. And we only let one of them sleep on the sofa at a time, instead of giving them the whole sofa to themselves. So very downtrodden, these puppies. So very, very unloved and repressed. … [Continue reading]

In the South and Still Having this Conversation

photo of trees and a river

Earlier this week, I shared an article on Facebook that discussed the economic and educational attainment for women in the north vs the south. I got into a discussion with a friend of mine from college, a blogger who runs Kitchen on a Hill. She's from Alabama, originally, and wondered to what extent the media are unfair to the south. Sometimes, it seemed to her, they portray the south as homogeneous, xenophobic, racist, and uneducated. It was a good discussion and Amy had lots of good points. And over the next couple of days it got me to thinking about a lot of things. I was living in Birmingham, AL in 2000, the year that the ban on interracial marriage was lifted. Believe it or … [Continue reading]