Summer Vegan Recipes: Mediterranean Rice

Vegan Mediterranean Rice

I've been slacking off on blogging. I'm gonna see if I can do a bit better. In particular I'm going to share some vegan recipes I've enjoyed this summer. Today, I'm sharing a recipe for some Vegan Mediterranean Rice. I stumbled on this recipe when I had some tomatoes I needed to go ahead and use, as well as some spring greens. I remembered eating some incredible stuffed tomatoes at Nabeel's Cafe in Birmingham, AL and, while I didn't want to go to the trouble of stuffing tomatoes, I did want to try and get as close to that flavor as possible. The real key to this recipe is getting good tomatoes. Everything else in this recipe would still work if you had to use canned or dried … [Continue reading]

Quitting Smoking: Why it was never the “Right time”


Last week, on June 7th, 2014, I decided to quit smoking. It’s been a week now, and things are still going strong. It’s a decision I’ve delayed for days, months, weeks, years. “It’s too stressful right now. I’ll stop when things cool down a bit.” I told myself that for years. And of course things never cooled down… whatever time it ever became, “the right time” was never one of them. Well, I finally stopped delaying my decision to stop smoking until “later.” Months of delays and “when things cool offs” had extended my intended quit date from last April to this June… and it was pretty obvious there was never going to be a “right” time. It was now, or stop pretending … [Continue reading]