HyberDB and WordCamp ATL

Photo courtesy of florianklauer at unsplash

Just a quick note: next week, I’ll be presenting at WordCamp Atlanta, giving a presentation on HyberDB. For those of you who will be coming, I will post my slides to Slidershare early this next week, and I’ll update this post with those slides. I plan to go over some key MySQL internals: Replication, Partitioning, […]

Getting Software Developers to Work Well Together


Getting software developers to work well together is like herding cats….that have been downing espressos…. in the middle of a thunderstorm….while the house is on fire…. and somebody’s goofing off with a laser pointer. photo by Ryan McGuire at unsplash

Land softly


Larry was a mentor to me. I probably wouldn’t be here today if not for him. His was a sane voice when my own wasn’t. Impressive, given all the insanity that plagued him. Larry was gay. When his partner Jim died, Jim’s family invalidated Jim’s will. They said Larry had corrupted Jim, put a spell […]

Developer Tools


I’ve got little Python script on my Mac that takes otherwise coherent sentences and mangles them. I call it “Palin-ify” I’ve also got a little tool on my computer that takes otherwise coherent Python scripts and mangles them. I call it Java.   Photo by William Iven 

Thoughts from the set of The Government We Created


Last week, Nancy shot a commercial for the MayDay Campaign‘s #MaydayIn30 competition. For those of you who don’t know, Mayday is the brainchild of Lawrence Lessig, a clever lawyer and political theorist who, among other things, cofounded the Creative Commons. Anyway, Mayday is a “SuperPAC to end all SuperPACs” and is intended to promote campaign finance reform on […]

Spicy garlic spinach sandwich


Lately I’ve had a bit of a sore throat, so I decided to throw together a sandwich that has a little throat soothing zing! to it. It only took about ten minutes to throw it all together, and if your diet is anything like mine, you are likely to have several/all of the ingredients lying […]

Long weeks and puppy smiles


It’s been a looonnng week. Worked until 8 pm or later every day this week. Tonight, Karma came up after I’d closed my computer… I guess long weeks aren’t so bad when this is who you get to wrap them up with

The violence inherent in the system


All day long, the dogs have been giving us sad faces. They only get treats twice a day, instead of 20. And 30 minute walks, instead of 90. And we only play with them 2 hours a day, not 24. And we only let one of them sleep on the sofa at a time, instead […]